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Great Notions Designs Great Notions Designs

Great Notions and Dakota Collectibles are two of the embroidery industrie's leading design makers. Together they have thousands of designs to choose from. These designs can be used to create a custom logo,  or to spruce up a jacket or shirt. Use them to make a one of a kind personal gift, or something special for yourself or business. These designs can be embroidered on caps, jackets, Tee's or polo/golf shirts. Stock lettering can be added to make a truly unique design. Pricesare what we pay, they range from $25-35.00 for a left chest size design/logo, to $50.-75.00 for a full or jacket back size. If your order exceeds 25 pieces, your design is FREE.

These designs differ from digitized designs as they are already formated to be sewn out. Check out both catalogs so you can get exactly the design you want!  If you find a design that would portray yourself, business, school or organization, make a note of the stock number so we can order it for you.  Also make note of the size of the design.  Generally a left chest  logo is no more than 4 inches across, with a max of 5.0 inches.  Caps are normally 2.0-2.5 inches high and up to 5.0 inches wide.  Allow up to an inch, (1.0) for caps if lettering is to be added.  Jacket back, or full size designs are normally anything larger than 5.0 inches across.  Call if you have any questions.


Dakota Collectibles Designs

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